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i have a dsc 1616 control panel (with back-up 12V batt), dsc pk5500 LED keypad , 2 door contacts (2door 1door-frame), 2 motion detectors and an outdoor siren (anti-tamper sw , with no batt).

i went for a crash course on how to install and program .
although the system works , i am confuse abt the whole wiring diagram and i was wondering if a burglar were to cut off the power supply to the siren , then my investment is a waste .

could you provide me with a few wiring diagram (at least 2) .
one with siren's own back-up batt
one without siren,s own back-up batt .

Well, there are a couple of things you can do to protect the siren.

First, consider the location. Is it within the protected are or outside of it? If it's within the protected area, then a burglar would have to set off the alarm BEFORE attempting to disable the siren.

Second, is the siren accessible? Meaning, how easy is it for the intruder to reach. Does he need a ladder, for example. Make the siren as inaccessible as possible.

Third, is the power wiring from the control to the siren accessible, and if not, is it protected? Running the power lines inside a wall is a good practice. And if you can't do that, install conduit and put the wires inside.

These are basic precautions to take to make it difficult for a burglar to defeat you siren.

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