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Good morning Dave,
I apologize if this question is similar to other questions you have received, but hopefully you can help me still as I have not been able to resolve anything. In reading your other answers, I realize that FA215 only refers to the keypad of my security system and I have located my control panel. However, when I open the door to the panel, there is no information anywhere listing a model #, etc. The panel is engraved with "On-Q Home", that's it. There's various stickers, but nothing is obvious to me as it being the information you need.

My problem is that I purchased a home with this system and no manuals, master codes, or model #s were left for me. The keypad upstairs does not have a working screen so I have to run downstairs to the other keypad to read what it says when I plug in the power, which reads "D1 Not Ready". What does that mean?

I do not want a monitoring company that I have to pay for, I simply want to have my home alarmed when necessary, chime, set my own code, etc. How do I reset the system to take control of my home's security? Do I need to call a professional to come diagnose and fix the problems in person? I understand I don't have much information to give you, I apologize, but hopefully you can help guide me in the right direction if nothing else. Thank you VERY much in advance for taking the time to answer my question, I really appreciate your help, and am available for follow up!

Hello Veronica, and thanks for your question... and also, thanks for checking through the posts for information ahead of time.

I suspect that your system is a VISTA 10, manufactured by ADEMCO.

I think your keypad display is telling you two things.

First, the D1 is likely an indication that a feature know as "installer lockout" has been programmed into the panel. This feature prevents another alarm company from coming in and "taking over the account" from the original installing company.

The "not ready" likely refers to a zone or zones of protection that are not closed.

If my suppositions are correct, then not only would you need a technician to set things up for you, but a technician from the original installing company who would have the Installer Code.

As for the On-Q reference, that's a company that as far as I know, doesn't work with alarm systems. I belive they do home automation, intercoms, data networking and the like. So I'm not sure what's up with that.

If there is a sticker on the control panel, or decals on your windows or doors, you may be able to identify the installing company, and give them a call.

I wish I could be of more help!

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