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Just moved to a new home. Has Magnum Alert 1000. Trying to setup/use the system.

1. Is there manuals I can get
2. Is there software or cables that I can connect to the box and see the configuration
3. How do I list zones and zones types...etc.
4. How do I do At home and Away security models....

See...I have lot of questions : ) - any place to start?


Hello Isaac, and thanks for writing... and greetings to the Netherlands.

Here's a link to the installation and programming manual for your system:

There is a way to connect remotely, but this requires a special interface and proprietary software that I think is no longer available. So any programming changes will need to be made through the keypad.

This may prove to be a problem though, unless you have access to the Dealer Program Code (see page 11 of the manual#. The Dealer code had to have been changed from its factory default of 456789, and without the new code, programming is not possible.

In general, with a system this old #it dates back to around 1994), the better course is to buy a current control panel and keypad, and use the existing wiring throughout the house.

If the sellers left you the Master User code, you can program new passwords and the like, but not alter or see the system programming.

Does this help? And please write again if you have follow-up questions!

Best Regards,


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