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QUESTION: Hi John, I have a GE Interlogix {60-806} concord in my home. I no longer have the On monitored system with the monitored system station do to high cost. I would like my system to work with the interior sirens only, but i don't understand how to program this procedure with the owners manual. my neighbors are having the same problem. I need your help John. any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, ROBERT

ANSWER: You need to disconnect the outside sirens from the PC board.  Also there is a 2K ohm resister you have to put across the contacts that the wires you took off the PC board for the sirens. There is no program to force a specific alarm to work or not work.  So by disconnecting the two alarms outside the building with a 2K ohm resister across the screw terminals it will work.  If you don't use the 2K ohm resister, you will have a loop problem on the panel showing an open loop or false reading. Radio shack to the rescue!  It is a shame you are not monitoring your system, keep in mind, you should be getting 20% off on your home owner insurance. If you disconnect the monitoring system from your burg could lose that discount. In my case my insurance cost me $2500.00 per year, and a savings of $500.00 per year.  Average payment for monitoring is $100.00 a month.  So five months out of the year I have in theory free security. If I did not have monitoring, I loose that benefit.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: mabe i didnt make myself clear. my unit is still programed to be monitored. all i want is for my siren to work. There are no outside sirens. the touch pad keeps displaying OPEN PHONE TROUBLE. I NEED  TO RE DOWN LOAD OR PROGRAM MY PANEL, BUT DONT KNOW HOW. THE MANUAL STATES THAT. THANKS , ROBERT

Now I understand the request.  
This is a problem, your local security will not change the program for you for one specific reason.  We both know what that is.  Once you drop them, they drop you and will not change anything to your advantage.  This of course annoys you and your neighbor as well, because no matter who you talk to, you have a brick wall in this area. Why should a security company help someone that they are not getting a monetary sum every month? I can see your problem.

Here is the problem:

Programming the Panel
The following describes how to program the security settings that appear under
Dealer Code (0002)
Security-Global (Default = none)
The 4-digit dealer code is
used to prevent unau-
thorized persons from changing the programmed
central station phone numbers and the Down-
loader Access Code. When this feature is
enabled, central station phone numbers and the
Downloader Code cannot be changed (unless
you enter the program mode by using the dealer
code). All other system settings are still accessi-
ble by entering the program mode with the
installer code.
To program a Dealer Code:
1. With the display showing
, enter the desired 4-digit
code. The display flashes the entered setting.
2. Press
and the display shows the new code.
To delete a Dealer Code:
1. With the display showing
(current code)
, press
The display shows
The Dealer Code cannot be deleted by clearing panel memory

What this means is...... you have to know the Dealer Code that is programmed in your system and the only place you can get the dealer code is from the dealer who installed your system.  
If you had the four digit dealer code, you could delete it and you would have access to changing the dialer number, which I would recommend you set for your cell phone.

So if they used the default dealer code 0002 you would be good to go. I hope for your sake they used the default code instead of making up their own.  

now you have to revert to installer code:

installer Code (0001)
Security-Global (Default = 4321)
The 4-digit installer code is used for entering program mode and changing
system settings. If a dealer code is programmed, only those settings not asso-
ciated with phone numbers can be changed.
The Installer Code cannot be deleted or cleared from panel memory. To change
the Installer Code to its default setting, enter 4321 in the procedure above.
To program an Installer Code:
1. With the display showing
(current code)
, enter the desired 4-digit
. The display flashes the entered
2. Press
and display shows
(new code)

Now that you have a dealer number and an installer number you should go onto
hone Number (0100-cs phone 1,
0110-cs phone 2)
Phones-CS Phone 1-2 (Default = none)
(Default = none) This setting is used for pro-
gramming the central station receiver phone
number. Phone numbers can be 1-24 digits
long, including pauses or * and # characters. To
enter pauses, press
. To enter
, press and
for one second. To enter
, press and
for one second.
menus are not accessible if a
Dealer Code is programmed and the Installer
Code is used to enter installer programming mode.
To access these menus when a Dealer Code is
programmed, you must enter installer program-
ming mode using the Dealer Code.
A phone number must be programmed for UL
1635 listed installations.
To program a Central Station Phone Number:
1. With the display showing
(or current number)
, enter the
desired phone number. The display flashes the entered number.
2. Press
and the display shows the new number.
Call-waiting services should be disabled to prevent interruptions to panel communi-
cation to the central monitoring station (or pager). To program a dialing prefix that
disables call-waiting, see the Call Wait Cancel setting under the menu
To delete a Central Station Phone Number:
1. With the display showing
(current number)
, press
The display shows

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