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Hi Dave, I have a GE Interlogix 60-806 in my home. I discontinued my monitor service do to high cost. I want my system to work on siren only but dont know how to do this. My touch pad reads TELEPHONE LINE TROUBLE. It seems the control panel is programed to be monitored. How do i get my system to work just on siren only not monitored. my neighbor has the same problem. I need your help Dave. any help would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU, ROBERT

Hello Robert, and thanks for your question. And sorry about the delay in getting back to you.

You've actually hit on the issue -- your system was programmed to be monitored. Now, I've never worked on your specific panel, but operation and setup is pretty standard across alarm panel manufacturers. What you need to do is contact your alarm service provider and schedule a service call. Tell them you want your alarm programmed as a "local" system. "Local" is alarm industry lingo for a system that does no more than make noise (bell or siren) at the protected premise.

I'm sure you'll be charged for this service, but it'll be a one-time charge as opposed to a monthly monitoring fee.

I hope this helps, and write again if you have follow-up questions.

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