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Dear Frank,
We are thrilled with our new DSC Alarm System installed today after our FBII
Alarm was hit by a lightning strike together with our phone line during a thunderstorm. As you must be aware the incidence of lightning is high in South Africa during the rainy season. Is there any preventative method we can take  that will ensure the protection of our Alarm in the future?
Furthermore I do appreciate your information regarding the Red Alarm Light that does keep flashing  after arming the system *9 + access code and found the answer as the subject of your column.
Thanks once again.

I'm pleased that you're so happy with the new alarm system.  The DSC product is pretty rock solid.  As for protecting it against lightning...  There really isn't anything you can do over and above what they recommend in the installation manual.  With lightning we're talking hundreds of thousands of volts that will still pack a whollop at your control panel even after the majority is dissipated through the wiring in your house (and your expensive home theatre system).  :-)

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