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Ranger 8600 Series installed in 1997. During a power outage both keypads have a constant beep.  What does this mean?

I can not disable it, the key pad appears to be disabled altogether and it stops when main power is restored.

During the power outage, the two led's - Ready (green), Power (red) are illuminated and solid. So as I have read a few other responses about batteries, I am thinking the battery is powering the system, but may be low. It has never been replaced to my knowledge. So I pulled and took the battery to Battery's Plus where they said the voltage was only 10.6 (weak).

Thank you for your expertise.

Hello Bruce, and thanks for your question.

By all means, the first (and likely only) step to take is to replace the battery. (In troubleshooting control problems, the first rule is to ensure that everything is powered correctly.)

If Batteries Plus has a suitable replacement, that should solve the problem. If they don't, you can order alarm batteries online. (Just Google "alarm batteries" and you'll find several sites. Shop around, and pay attention to shipping charges, which can be high because the battery is heavy.)

While the brand of battery does not have to match what was originally installed, the new battery must meet a few specifications. For your system, you need:

-- A Sealed Lead Acid battery (commonly abbreviated SLA)
-- The battery voltage is 12
-- The capacity is between 4 and 6.5 Ampere Hours (commonly abbreviated AH). I recommend going with the 4 AH battery, because the higher the AH rating, the larger the battery is, and it must fit in the alarm cabinet.

I hope this helps, and if you have additional questions, just drop me another question.

Best Regards (and hoping your weather improves),


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