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I rent a house with a EN1550 system.  The siren goes off every time the power goes off.  Can I disconnect just the lead wires to the siren.  The system is not being monitored by any company.


Yes, you could just disconnect the siren leads, but then chances are you would start getting a beep at the keypad telling you that the siren circuit has a problem. But if it's not monitored, when you disconnect the siren, the alarm will then be non-functional (unless you use the door chime to watch doors and windows while you're home). You'd be better off just powering down the system. All you need to do is find and unplug the system transformer, then disconnect the back-up battery that is in the alarm box.

But since the house is rented, you need to get your landlord's permission before you modify the system. I would send a certified letter, or an email, something that leaves a paper trail for verification. Explain that you cannot tolerate the siren sounding every time the power drops. Then you might not need to do anything, as long as he had the system installed, I think he will need to address the problem.

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