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I have a wired, monitored alarm sysyem in my home that includes glass breaks. I need to secure the property around the house so I know if there is someone on my property. Ideally I would like something with sound to alert me that I can turn off remotly or with a remote contol and that would also alert by text or phone if I am away that could be programed to call police.
Would like to add several small cameras in house and at least 2 out that can be monitored online.
I checked with the company that monitors my system now, monotronics, but the cost is crazy for the equipment, I've looked at other companys hoping to find one to furnish the equipment for a monitoring contract (monotronics is up) but it seemed all had set packages that included inside.
I have a large area to cover and not a large budget. Ilooked ar skylinks long range motion detectors and various auto dialers, sirens, motion lights, and internet cameras, All I am is more confused. I don't know if they can be used together, if there is anyway of integrting them with the current system, not necessary but convenient. If I do it myself they have to be wireless and not too complicated.

Can you help me choose???

Hello Jayne, and thanks for writing.

I'm not surprised that the quote you got from your security company "crazy." Intruder detection inside a building -- in a somewhat controlled environment -- is hard enough while minimizing false alarms... but taking intruder detection outside, where the environment is constantly changing, is a real challenge. There will be false alarms. And probably a lot of them.

So the notion of protecting a large outdoor area with police response is a huge problem. You'll get response the first few times, but then the false alarm fines will begin, and the police response will diminish. You should check the police department website in your municipality for details.

That said,you're probably better served by a combination of outdoor lights with motion sensors, and a few wireless IP cameras that can record that can send video via the Internet to a computer to be recorded, or to a Smart Phone that you carry with you. #you seem to have come to that conclusion as well.#

But there are so many variables, I cannot help you choose equipment by correspondence. You need someone to visit the site, evaluate the challenges, and recommend equipment.

You've already tried your security company, but I'd suggest trying a different vendor -- someone who deals in home automation. You may be surprised by the innovation solutions these folks come up with.

I hope his helps!

Best Regards,


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