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We have a Radionics D6112 Alarm system which we need to change to be able to dial out through digital voice (ie 10 digit dialing).  It currently dials out using 7 digits.  Can you please advise how to do this?

Hello Leon, and thanks for your question.

You have a "vintage" Radionics system. Unfortunately, these Radionics panels were programmed two ways.

One method used a bar-code programmer and code book. The second method required the use of a proprietary remote programmer and Radionics software. Most current versions of control panels allow programming via the keypad.

So the bottom line is that you cannot do this yourself.

To have the change made, you'll have to find a Radionics/Bosch dealer in your area that still services these obsolete systems.

If there are no dealers available that can perform this service, your only option is to replace the control and keypad#s# with a new system.

Sorry for the bad news. If you need assistance in trying to find a dealer, please go to www. On the left side of the screen, near the top, you'll see a box that's labeled, "Locate a Security Company." There's a search function based on your Zip Code.

Call a few to see if they can provide the service you need, or can refer you to a company that can.

I hope this helps!

Best Regards,


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