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I am looking for a random beep generator to check people at random. The gadget should generate video/audio caution at random when everyone in a queue is made to press a button.  I am not aware of any product in the market.

Pse help me if you know of any product that can meet my requirement.



ANSWER: Good Morning,

I'm not sure I understand what you need. People are lined up, and you want everybody in the line to push a button. Then a video/audio message is played, but only at random? Or is the video/audio message informing them to push the button? Can you prepare a sequence of operations for me? It would look like this -

1. Person in queue pushes button
2. Audio / Video message displays
3. Random Yes/No display either selects person for screening (yes) or passes them through (no)

Above is just an example, I need you to describe step-by-step what you need to happen. If a product doesn't exist, one can probably be designed / built.

Take care,

Steve Burman

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Good Morning,

Greetings. Thanks for reverting.  THe sequence is as under

1. Person in queue pushes button
2. Audio sound (Beep, music anything is Ok)/visual indicator ( could be a light glowing)at random is generated.
3. Only that person is asked to undergo security checking.
4. When there is no audio/visual indication , person is allowed to go without security checks.

I think now i have explained clearly.



OK, I did some research, and this is what I found -

This will let you have a push button which, when pushed, will generate a random 2 digit number. You can then select a number, or range of numbers, to determine if the subject is to be searched.

For example - push button, if resulting number is between 25 and 35, subject is searched.

Hope this helps.

Steve Burman

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