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This panel is for home use not monitored, Is there a way to run this panel from the battery only? I am going to experiment with solar power / battery backup for low voltage items. 250 watt solar panel and some 12 volt batteries. I know the panel will run on battery but.
Is there a way to not have to start the panel with AC first without destroying the panel?
Also is there a way to not monitor AC loss? (disable this function)

Hello Craig, and thanks for writing.

Yes, if you keep the battery fully charged, it'll run the system without AC Power. But the main purpose of the AC Power is to keep that battery charged in the first place... so this seems to me to be a lot of time and energy for not much gain.

For example, if a system consumes 10 watts (upper estimate), and there are 744 hours in a 31 day month, that means the system consumes about 7.4 KWH per month. That's about 75 cents, or about 9 bucks a year.

For your other questions... panels that want AC applied before battery are concerned with the initial surge from the battery. You'll probably be okay, but I would make a habit of it.

Finally, you cannot disable to lost AC trouble signal... the panel was designed to operate on AC with battery backup.

An alternative solution, since you're experimenting... use an inverter powered by the 12 volt batteries that you're charging from your solar panels. I've seen 120 VAC inverters designed to pug into a car's cigarette lighter, so it ought to be doable. Plug the alarm transformer into that.

Good luck, and best regards,


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