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I have just installed a new battery and everything works well except the BEEP does not work anymore when I open or close doors and windows. I do not know my Mastercode. Can you please help me to program the beep ?
Thanks for your reply.

ANSWER: Hello Heinz, and thanks for writing.

Unfortunatly, you need the master code to turn the chime feature on and off:

Door Chime
[*]+[6]+[MASTER CODE]+[6]
The “Door Chime” feature is enabled by pressing the [6]
key while in the “User’s Functions Command” section.
When enabled the keypad buzzer will beep quickly 5
times each time any zone defined as a delay or instant
circuit opens or closes. The “Door Chime” feature does
not operate on other zone definitions. Zone bypass may
be used to eliminate “beeping” on doors where it is not
wanted. This feature operates only while the panel is

I'd suggest trying the code(s) that you do have, on the chance that one of these is in fact the Master Code.

I hope that helps!

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---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello Dave,
Thanks for your reply. Can you please tell me how to reset the Mastercode?
Best regards,

Hello again...

In order to regain the Master Code, you'll have to return the panel to its original factory-new state. The reason for this is that you'll need the Installer's Code in order to program a new Master Code. The Installer's Code by default is 2550 (as shown on page 16 of the manual).

Here's a link to the installation and programming manual for your control:

The procedure to return the panel to its factory-new state is on page 24 in section 36. You'll see there, however, that the original installer may have locked out this feature, and if it has been locked out, then you'd need to return the panel to the manufacturer or a third-party outfit to unlock the panel. Also see sections 90 and 91 on page 25.

Now, while this procedure can work, it's not without a downside. That downside is that all the system programming is erased, meaning that the entire system will need to be programmed. This can be a challenge for do-it-yourselfers, since the learning curve is quite high. It's not just reading about which keys to press in the programming guide, but you need to be able to recognize and understand how your hardware has been installed and your system designed.

Before you decide to try this on your own, please read through the manual to see if you want to give it a try... because if you get it wrong, the likelihood is that you'll have a control and system that's non-functional.

If you get the sense that I don't think this is a good idea, you're right. While I hate to ask people to spend their money on hiring an experienced technician to perform this work for you, in cases like this I think it's the wisest course. I'd suggest contacting the original installing company if you can, because they might know the Installer's Code already, and therefore would not have to default the panel.

Does this help?

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