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I have a "FBII" Home Alarm System, which has been giving me problems as of late. When I enter my security code to arm the system and try to leave the house, the alarm goes off before I can get out. It appears that the time period to leave the house after arming some how got cut every short. How can I reset the time period to 60 sec. or so. Also the "red light" on one of my downstairs windows comes on even if the window is closed. I can not locate my owner's manual. HELP!!!


From what you describe, it sounds as if the magnetic contact on the window has gone bad. It could be opening and closing at random, which would explain why the alarm goes off before you can exit the premise. If you can provide me with the model number of your FBII system, I can probably get you a copy of the user manual. You can probably find one yourself by doing a Google search. However, a user manual will typically not contain codes or instructions required for changing your system timers. What it will do, is show you how to bypass a zone. Then you can bypass the zone which shows open (the red light)and see if that fixes the problem. If it does, then I was correct and the switch has gone bad and needs to be replaced. If it doesn't work, and the system still alarms, then there is a problem with the main CPU. It might be that the system has somehow lost the setting for your exit delay, but I have never heard of such a thing happening without other problems such as keypads not working, siren not working or "stuttering", etc. It would be very rare for a single memory location to lose its data, with no other problems. However, anything is possible, even if I haven't personally seen it, electronics delight in making fools out of people who insist something could never happen. So if bypassing doesn't work, then we need to get a programming manual, and we can use that to check the memory value for the exit delay.

Hope this helps,

Steve Burman

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