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I have another interconnected smoke detector installed in a commercial building.  This is a Firex model G-6 and I cannot find a replacement.  This is not hooked up to the fire life safety panel so they would never report.  One started buzzing louder and louder, then another one etc...  I took them all down for now.
The building is 100% sprinklered but has no strobes.
Do I have to put something back in???
Building is located in Santa Ana California.
Please advise.

Thank you,


Hi Tad,

A recommended replacement for the G-6, which have now been discontinued for some time, is the Kidde i12020. However, the entire wiring harness will require modification and ALL devices will have to be replaced as the Kidde unit will not interconnect with the existing Firex units.

As for if you have to put something back in, this will depend on the site's Fire Risk Assessment, if one has been conducted, and the requirements of NFPA 1 with regards to fire protection and detection within Commercial properties. To an extent, an Insurance Company's requirements may also play a big part in the decision to whether something else has to go in, as without a fire detection system, an Insurance company could refuse to pay out in the event of a fire, or even worse, revoke any policy for the property if no system is in place to provide early warning to public (i.e. trade workers, visitors, etc) and staff.

Hope this answers your enquiry


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