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Frank, in 2011 you asked the very same question I am looking an answer for.

The question: when your annunciator goes off in house due to either a low battery or phone line problem, my installer said to disconnect the AC power (unplug the transformer from recepticle) and disconnect one lead on the battery.

That obviously works.

My problem is that my wife isn't going to want to go to the basement and deal with electric wires.

DID YOU FIND A CODE THAT WORKS TO SILENCE THE ANNUNCIATOR that can be used at the panel upstairs? These alert sounds make the dogs go
a little nuts and then they pee. Might be a bit more info than you needed.


Ron Ettinger

You're right.  That's a bit more info than what I really needed.  :-)

Unfortunately this system is built in the US and the nice people at Pittway (company that used to own FBI) didn't bother with a volume control.  The only way to shut the system up is to disconnect it (or service it).  If it's showing a low battery, it would be preferable to simply change it out.  Is there someone in her neighbourhood that could be of help?  She would have to go to Lowes or Home Depot and pick up a new battery (12 volt 7 AH would be preferable).  

Rather than disconnect the system,  I'd rather recommend that she be allowed to continue to use it (if she's alone at the times you're away).

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