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hello. we recently purchased a home with a ranger American alarm.  there is no alarm code to the best of our knowledge.  the alarm started beeping in the middle of the night like the battery was out.  we replaced both batteries today.  however, the alarm is randomly beeping.  also, in an attempt to make it stop, the message on the control screen now says that 'alarm is armed for away mode.' we are in the house but have not opened the door.  how do I just reset the alarm to not be activated in ANY way....there is no code available.

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Hello Erin, and thanks for your question.

What you need to do is to power-down the system. This is an easy process that will put your system out of service. If you later want to have the system operational, call a local service provider.

Here's what to do.

Open the control panel (where you replaced the batteries#, and unplug the batteries.

The second step is to disconnect the AC power. You can do this in two ways. First, if you know where the transformer is, you can simply unplug it from the wall outlet. There may be a screw holding it in the socket that you'd have to remove first.

If you don't know where the transformer is, you can disconnect the AC on the main board, just above the batteries. There will be a terminal strip where wires are connected to the system. Look on the wiring diagram on the inside cover of the panel, and find the terminals for the AC power. It'll be labeled "AC In" or "16.5 VAC In" or something like that. #It's probably terminals 1 and 2, but since I don't know the exact control you have, check the wiring diagram.#

When you've identified the terminals, disconnect either one of the wires, being careful not to let the wire touch anything in the panel. Wrap the exposed wire with electrical tape, and you're finished.

I hope that helps!

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