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I have a first alert professional system with a FA260 keypad. I discontinued monitoring service about two years ago. The keyboard still had power and could be set to chime and preform other duties.
About 8 or 10 months ago the keypad began to chirp and gave a low battery indication so I disabled the system at the keypad. I go out of town occasionally and my 82 year old mother who lives with me asked if I could power the keypad. I pulled the old battery out of the control panel and replaced it yet the keypad still doesn't light up. I know the battery is good because I tested it with my volt meter. What would cause the system not to power up as before.

Thank You

Hello Larry, and my apologies for being tardy in replying.

When one discontinues monitoring, there are usually unexpected consequences. The reason is that the control is programmed to pass information to the monitoring center -- alarms, low battery warnings, all kinds of things.

These messages are stored in memory, and when the control communicates to the monitoring center, the messages are passed along and removed from the control's memory.

Now, if you cancel your monitoring service, the control calls the monitoring center but is unable to establish communications. So the control will try again -- several times, in fact, and then give up. In the meantime, the messages it wanted to send are stored in memory on the chance that the next time the control dials the monitoring center, that it'll be able to pass the information.

The memory storage for such devices is finite. And when it fills to and beyond capacity, the system "crashes."

I suggest you call in a technician to reprogram you system as a "local." This means the control does not attempt to contact the monitoring center, and does not store messages in memory. At the same time, if there's addition issue with your keypad, the tech will be able to fix that as well.

I hope that helps!

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