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I have the Omega D4112 alarm system and my key pad will not take commands. The "1" is lit and the "AC" is lit on the key pad.  The command button beeps when it is pressed but will not take a command.  Battery??
Battery is about 6 years old.

Hello Richard, and thanks for your question.

There's likely more than one thing going on here.

First, the "1" being lit means that zone 1 is faulted. The AC LED being lit is normal.

A faulted zone will not cause a keypad to not accept commands.

The battery may be an issue, but by itself, I wouldn't expect it to prevent commands from being accepted. By the way, normal battery life is about five years, although many last well beyond that in moderate climates.

Given the age of the system -- the 4112 dates back to the early 90's -- I'd take a close look at the keypad. Over the years, a bit of grime can build up around the keys and this can sometimes make them stick when they're depressed. If this happens, it will affect keypad operation.

Another thing you could check is the wiring between the control and keypad. You'd need to open the keypad for that. There are to slotted tabs on the bottom and one on the top that you can release with a smell screwdriver blade. The four wires are connected with a small plug.

If none of this helps, you'll need a technician to have a look. Don't be surprised if you get a recommendation to upgrade the equipment, since the chance of finding spare parts is remote.

I hope this helps!

Best Regards,


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