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Hi Dave, do you know if its possible to wire a dialer to the main fire alarm panel so it supervises it for trouble. It's a silent knight dialer with an est control panel. The dialer is on the other side of the building in a random closet and even though it has its own sounder, it would be nice to link it up to the control panel. Any ideas?

Hello Adam, and thanks for your question.

You've given me just enough information to get you in trouble. Let me explain.

First, sure it's possible to monitor trouble from a fire panel with a digital dialer. But there are all kinds of issues to be aware of, both in the equipment and in the fire code.

Let's look at equipment first. On the fire panel, are there unused dry contacts from which a trouble system can be annunciated?

At the dialer, is there an unused input that can be used to connect to the unused dry contacts at the fire panel?

Next, is the dialer approved for fire use? If it's not approved for that use, it's a bad idea to connect it to a fire system, even if you only intend to monitor trouble. Why? Because a fire system is a Life Safety system, and the reason that they're supervised is to detect any condition that could prevent a fire from being detected and reported, and to report that trouble so it can be repaired.

Now, part of that supervision is the dialer phone line... so approved dialers are equipped with two separate phone lines. If one phone line fails, the dialer reports that trouble on the other phone line. (There's even a requirement that those separate phone lines enter the building in different places.)

So, you can see that there are a lot of variables.

If there's a compelling reason to make the connection you mentioned, in this case you should a competent technician look at your equipment and let you know if can move forward.

I hope this helps!

Best Regards,


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