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QUESTION: The keypad beeps continuously when I enter my security code, even though the green light had been solid.  Now, each time I close a door or a window the keypad beeps for 2 seconds and stops.  What is the problem, and how can I fix it?

ANSWER: Hello Jenna, and thanks for writing.

It sounds as if you've inadvertently activated a feature called "chime mode." This causes the keypad to beep whenever a door or window is opened.

If you have the user's manual for your system, instructions for turning off the chime mode will help you.

If you don't have the user's manual, I'll have to guess at telling what to do. That's because I don't know the model number of your control panel #which is separate from the keypad#. So try this... press and hold the number 5 key down until it beeps. When you release it, chime mode should be off.

I hope this helps!


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QUESTION: Thank you v much for the quick response.  I have the MA900, so holding #5 did not clear the chime.  Also, the unit beeps when I close the door.  It is silent when the door is opened.  The green light remains steady.  Any further thoughts?  Thx in advance.

Thanks for the additional information, Jenna. Yes, it's the MA850 that uses the #5 key to toggle the chime mode.

I'm afraid we're in a difficult position. I've never seen the exact symptoms that you've described, so my initial thought would be to perform a hard-reset on the control. In most cases, that solves software-related issues.

But I can't be sure that the problem is not hardware-related. Nothing lasts forever, and the MA900 controls date back to the late '80s to early '90's. So your control has been running in excess of twenty years. It's possible that a component has failed.

Back to the hard-restart... because it's an MA900 using volatile memory in some instances, removing power would create additional problems -- all of the access codes would be lost, and they'd have to be re-programmed.

So given these issues, I'd recommend that you have a technical pay a visit so that things can be evaluated directly. But considering the age of the system, you might be advised to replace the control panel and keypad outright.

I wish I had better news!

Best Regards,


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