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The password to get into the Tech Level has been changed and no one remembers the password.

Is there a way to get around this so we can reset the password and get on the tech level to check a problem?

Hi Charles,

I am not overly familiar with the Faraday MPC-1500 systems. However, as an addressable system, there are 2 options that I could advise you on, based on common traits of all addressable systems.

Firstly, if you have the capability to download the panel's CONFIG file, through software and cable and using a Laptop, then the Tech Level access code held in memory can be viewed under PANEL details in the CONFIG file, opened in the software on the Laptop. You can also change it through this.

Secondly, failing that, all you need to do, and something we have to do on a regular basis, is contact the panel manufacturer's Tech Department and explain the situation (i.e. just taken over a system and have not been given a Tech Level access code..........) and they will talk you through a BACK-DOOR access method that will allow you to access the Tech Level and reset the pass code.

Hope this helps you.

Kindest regards

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