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We have a Moose Z1100 system.  When I exit house, I disarm the interior zone.  The alarm has sounded several times and it shows the interior zone has been breeched.  There is no sign of anything amiss.  
The interior zone consists of two pocket doors and the laundry room door.  What could be causing this malfunction?
Thank you!

Hello Melanie, and thanks for your question.

When you say you "disarm" the interior zone, do you mean you shunted the zone, or you set the alarm in Stay Mode? It makes a difference; if you set in Stay Mode then leave during the exit delay, the interior zone will arm at the end of the exit delay, if memory serves. This means that a fault on the interior zone will cause an alarm. On the other hand, a Shunted zone is not affected when you arm and leave.

But to the cause of the alarm -- the fault -- it could be a loose or corroded splice, or a failing contact on any of the three doors on that zone.

Try putting the system in Monitor Mode. Here's a link to your user manual; Monitor Mode is on page 8:

Once in Monitor mode, go to each of the interior doors and rattle and shake them. If there's a loose connection, the keypad will beep three times when the circuit opens.

Once you find the affected door, you'll have to visually inspect everything you can see for something amiss. Sadly, I can't help very much with that part without actually being there. But hopefully you can narrow the problem down to one small spot, and be able to repair it.

If you think you need a replacement part, write me again, and I'll help you find a replacement online.

I hope this helps!

Best Regards,


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