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I am having issues with it supposedly a power surge that triggers my ADT alarm.  The "surges" do not impact ANY other items in my home.  Sometimes the alarm will blare or sometimes it will beep.  I have to disconnect the battery and one of the connection to reset the alarm.  I am wondering if there is an issue with the system itself as nothing else is impacted.
Thanks - Dorothy

Hello Dorothy, and thanks for your question.

If I understand you correctly, you're being told that false alarms are being caused by power surges.

Power issues can cause unusual behaviors for alarm systems, but in general, it happens when there's a lack of power rather than an excess of power.

Power surges can be an easy excuse for a technician who can't isolate a false alarm problem. I'm not saying that's the case here, but it might be, so let's gather some information and see if we can sort this out.

First, ADT has a web service called "MyADT." Part of this service allows you to log on and see your alarm activity. So see if you can get that report. What we're looking for is any pattern of time-of-day, or alarms from a particular zone, or any trouble signals.

Also, perform a system test from your keypad and make sure that it shows up on your activity report. That will exclude a communications problem, which in a round-about way can cause erratic alarm system behavior.

Next, I'd like to verify that your backup battery is fully functional. So please disconnect the AC power to your control, leave it off for a couple of hours, then see if the alarm system still works.

You could call your electric company and ask them about possible surges, but I think it a little early to do so now. And if you do, it'd be helpful to have time and date information on the previous alarms that you've had.

Please let me know what you find out, and also, if you could, please let me know the make and model number of your alarm system.

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