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QUESTION: I have read your recommendations (and others) that describe how to reset the codes using the jumper pins. The trouble is I can find no referance to them on the panel or the circuit diagram.
Could they have done away with this feature? If I do find it what happens when the defualt is set ---is the master code and installer code both then 1500 by default?

Its is very frustratinf as the sytem (after I replaced the battery for $35) seems to be fully operational in other respects.
How can I get another lock free panel?
Appreciate any help you can give.


Your best bet would be to just replace the control board. I did a search on Ebay and found 2 1500 boards for about $40.

Here is the problem with resetting a DSC panel to factory default - Many unscrupulous alarm companies used to "steal" accounts from other companies. They would tell the customer "your old company went out of business and we replaced them". Then they would use the factory reset feature to reprogram the alarm. So DSC, among other companies, created what is called a "factory reset lockout". If this feature is activated on your PC1500, resetting it to default will blow out all programming and lock the panel up permanently.

But if you want to give it a shot, here is a forum I found on the procedure -

Hope this helps,


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: First many thanks for the clear and prompt reply.
But what have I got to loose by trying it --and then replacing the board if it doesnt work. Or is there some other thing that "blowes up" irrevocably that would  prevent a new board working?
I assume the boards you get on e-bay are NOT locked and/or have a known IC or MC???
Again many thanks.
What am I donating to--will do if its good cause?


Yes, all it will do is lock up the panel. No affect on the keypads, etc, a new board will have installer code and master code set to factory default. Not sure what they are, it will be in the manual.

Not sure what you mean on donating, I do not ever solicit donations on this or any site (not that I'd turn down a million dollars if somebody wanted to give it to me, LOL). It must be something done by the website. Nothing I am affiliated with.


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