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QUESTION: Looking where i can buy parts for a Eico home security system? Looked on Ebay see nothing. I need a SD-72 control module

ANSWER: Hello Paul, and thanks for your question.

I've never heard of that alarm brand... it might be something from a common manufacturer of alarm equipment that's been private labeled. Hard to say without being able to see the equipment in person.

However, there are other resources. Try getting in touch with these folks... perhaps they can steer you in the right direction:

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QUESTION: Is this company still around? Have not received a answer and when i resubmit it comes up with an error.

Hello again, Paul.

Like I said earlier, I had never heard of the company or its product line. An Internet search found only a single device related to alarm systems -- a rudimentary photoelectric beam. Judging from it's design, I'd place in the range of 1960's technology.

A search for the company reveals this link:

I'm doubtful that they're involved in the security industry at all at this point. If they are, I think it'd be in the area of producing components for companies that do produce alarm controls and security devices.

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