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I have written to you before and thanks for your advice regarding our alarm. We moved our keypad to our bedroom and everything seems to be working fine. But our alarm code has been seen by others and we want to change it. Please help, all we know is the 4 digit code to arm and disarm.


Password Reset Instructions
Password Reset Instruc  
Hello Sherry -- I'm glad moving the keypad worked out for you.

I'm attaching an image to this note that captures the instructions for assigning passwords.

Being able to do this is incumbent on having the "master" password, which is the one that would have been programmed into the system first when it was installed.

It would be very unusual for it to remain as the default password (which is common to every panel as shipped from the factory). So if your regular passwords won't allow you to change the codes, then try the default, which is 1-2-3-4.

Please let me know how things work out!

Best Regards,


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