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Hi Dave,
  We have a 6112 system with three D620 command centers.  Our system is monitored by Protection 1.  In the past week our alarm has decided to sound on its own and the company is not receiving the signal.  The"trouble" siren goes off inside our house at random times and does not show a zone that is being violated but responds to command 4 to stop the noise.  The technician was here again today and says he needs an "access code" in order to assess what the problem is.  It seems that Protection 1 bought our account from the company that installed it and who is now no longer in business but they didn't get all the paperwork.  
   I looked on the alarm website you mention to see if there was someone else that might know more about it but couldn't get past the screen that wanted to install a new system or take over the monitoring.    
   Do you have any suggestions of how to get an access code?  I know the system is old and I could just use the wiring and get a new control panel and key pads but they wouldn't cover the spaces on the wall and I'd have to repaint and probably replaster.
   Thanks for your help      I'm in the CA  94549 zipcode if you have any suggestions of someone else I might call.

    Many thanks,

PS  Please advise me as to exactly where and when I can find your reply.

Hello Marilyn, and thanks for writing.

Yes, the technician probably wants to get into the system's programming to help troubleshoot the symptoms you described, and if the access code is not available, I'm afraid you're stuck. I know of no way to recover the access code with this panel.

Out of curiosity, did Protection One make you an offer to replace the panel and keypads? Quite frankly, with equipment that old, I'd be prone to make that suggestion.

In terms of who else you might call, please visit the webpage for the Electronic Security Association and use their search tool to find member companies by zip code.

Here's the link:

Try a few of these companies that are local to you. Now, you're not one of their customers, so they may be reluctant to send a technician unless there's the possibility that you WILL become one of their customers. So tell them about your current monitoring contract. Also, check the contract to see if you're penalized for cancelling -- as in having to pay the remainder of monthly fees.

I hope this helps, and if you have additional questions, just write again.

By the way, you asked where and when you could find my reply. You get that via e-mail from AllExperts; it's a blind transmission, meaning that I don't see your e-mail address.

Best Regards,


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