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I recently purchased a "used" vista 20 with 9.12 version panel and a new 6160 keypad for programming and install.  The panel also came with a I Control Networks Model: 4000001604, model name PIMv2 s/n 1310AD8004429, ZID:000D6F0002FBDFAB which I'm not sure of it's purpose.  I bench tested the panel and found all a/c battery and zone voltages normal but when the keypad was connected and panel power up....I could not get into Programming mode. The only thing I was able to do was access and change the keypad default address.  The keypad 4 wires are terminated correctly and voltage is correct. I did not connect this I control.  What my question is:  Has the keypad to panel data been corrupted by the previous installation?  Thank you.  Mark

ANSWER: Hello Mark, and thanks for writing.

Since the Vista 20 panel is previously used, the installer's code was likely changed when the panel was originally installed. You need the installer's code to get into programming mode. Here's how to recover the code.

1. Power down the system, both AC and battery.

2. Repower the system

3. Within 60 seconds of applying power, press and hold both the * and # keys until the display shows 20.

4. Press #20. Four digits will appear, one at a time, and this is the installer's code.

*99 exits programming mode, and you can use the installer's code to get back in any time you need to.

The iControl thing? Who knows? I did a search and came up with this odd piece of equipment:

Looks like some third-party stuff to me; never heard of it before.

I hope this helps!

Best Regards,


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi, Dave!  
I (with your suggestions) got my Ademco vista20 panel and keypad working.
I am currently running wire for the fire loop.  My layout consist of rate of rise heat detectors and  a total of (5)System Sensor 2WT-B smoke detectors.  My question is, can I replace two of the 2WT-B's with the System Sensor 2WT"A"-B (sounder) units without exceeding the Fire zone current and voltage capability.

Thank you again to any help.

Best Regards,

Mark McCready

Hi Mark, and thanks for the question.

The Vista 20 manual says it'll only support 1 smoke detector in alarm with the 2-wire configuration, so adding those two detectors with sounders is not a good idea.

A more conventional solution would be to use the panel's output to annunciate a fire alarm.

You could also explore using 4-wire detectors (which then are powered by the panel's auxiliary power.

I hope that helps!

Best Regards,


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