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Woke up to Fire Zone 8 beeping.   After determining there was no fire, we reset the system by putting in our password.   Beeping stopped but then came back on.   We put in password again...repeating this process until finally no beeping however fire zone LED continues to blink yellow.   We replaced the battery in the control system.  Blinking yellow fire zone remains.   What should we do next?

Hello Jeanne, and thanks for your question.

I'm confused by the description of the trouble, since CADDX 8900 documentation does not indicate a yellow LED for trouble. The keypad has 6 LEDs for the 6 burglary zones, a Fire Alarm LED, and a Fire Trouble LED. The Fire Alarm and Trouble LEDs are supposed to be red.

That said, it sounds like trouble on the fire zone, as opposed to an alarm on the fire zone (if there was a fire condition, the siren would sound rather than the sounder on the keypad).

Fire zones alarm when they are shorted or crossed, and show trouble when there's a break or open in any of the wiring on the zone. In addition, if you have a smoke detector on the zone that is powered by the control, loss of power to that detector would cause a trouble condition.

Power from your panel is provided from terminals 23 and 24 for smoke detectors, so you should meter there for 12 volts DC. If you're good there, measure voltage at the detector; if you don't have power there, there's a break in the power circuit.

If the trouble is on the fire detection circuit, it gets a little more complicated to troubleshoot. But check the connections in the control at terminals 11 and 12, and at each fire detection device. Be aware that there may be splices in the wiring between the control and any detectors, and these are also common trouble spots. A loose or corroded splice will cause troubles.

Please let me know what you find, or if you have additional follow-up questions.

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