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Our three smoke alarms went off this evening, and after searching the house we found nothing. The batteries were all changed 6 months ago. I turned off the breaker, removed the batteries, waited until the Blackhawks got beat, then reconnected everything and the same thing happened. They are dated 2001, so they are 14 years old. Can they just go bad, or?  And any suggestions for an alarm that is compatible with the harness for these FADC's? Much thanks.

Hello Bill, and thanks for your questions.

Manufacturers recommend replacing detectors after their useful life, which is about ten years. While many continue to work past that age, once troubles begin, it's a sure reminder to look for a replacement.

In the case of the FADC, the Firex brand was bought by Kidde back in 2007. They did a pretty good job in recreating the product line though, and in many cases include an adapter to allow connection to the old wiring harness.

Here's a link to the direct replacement, including that adapter:

If the link doesn't work, just Google Atlanta Supply, and from the main page, choose Fire Safety, then Smoke Alarms.

With that product information in hand, you can search the Internet for better pricing if you wish.

I hope that helps, and in the meantime I hope the Blackhawks do better on Sunday against Minnesota.

Best Regards,


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