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Your article in the CFPOA year book brings me to ask which code are you referring to, when you refer to the contractor being in direct and flagrant violation for not providing documentation similar to CAN/ULC - S536-04 Appendix E.

NFC (National Fire Code) adopted Provincially (so check your version).  It's in Division B Section 6 of BCFC 2012.  Clause

"1) Fire alarm systems shall be inspected and tested in conformance with CAN/ULC-S536, 'Inspection and Testing of Fire Alarm Systems'."

The version you're required to use is in Division B Section 1 Table - CAN/ULC-S536-04.  This version's test reports are in Appendix "E".  In the next version of the Standard (-13 - just released) the test forms have been moved to Appendix "C" to harmonize with CAN/ULC-S537-13 and CAN/ULC-S561-13.

You can download the inspection forms at  You can also call me at the toll free number indicated at the top of each page!

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