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New windows were installed and I need to reinstall the upstairs window sensor. How do I go about doing this? Is there a trick to getting the control panel to work after I reinstall the sensor? Doors are zone 5 and are now buzzing when I open the door, which never happened before. Window sensor is zone 6 on my system. Found out installers put in a window covering up 2nd window sensor wires. Is there any solution to this issue?? We have 4 windows on zone 6. Upstairs window, I asked about reinstallation. Downstairs window -- wires covered over.

Hello Jo, and thanks for writing.

You have a difficult problem to address, and it will be hard for me to give you specific advice without being able to inspect the system and the newly-installed windows.

Since the window installers buried the wiring from your alarm system, you have three options.

First call them back, have them remove the windows to expose the wiring, then re-route it so that it's accessible when the windows are re-installed. (The odds of this happening are slim.)

Second, you'll need to find the nearest point where the wiring is accessible (probably in an attic or crawlspace), splice new wire to the circuits, and re-run new wire to the windows.

Third, you can forget about the wiring, and install wireless sensors, which use a small radio transmitter to communicate with the control panel. Unfortunately, your Magnum Alert system dates back to early 1990's and does not have wireless capabilities, so you'd have to replace the control panel and keypads with something more up-to-date.

As you can see, none of your options are very desirable, and none of them are the types of things I'd expect a homeowner to be able to accomplish on their own.

So unfortunately, my recommendation is to call a local alarm provider and ask them to inspect the system and make a "boots-on-the-ground" assessment so they can give you accurate advice.

For the buzzing when you open the door, it sounds like you've activated the "cime mode." Just press and hold the 5 key until the keypad beeps to turn that off.

I wish I had better news!

Best Regards,


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