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I recently bought my house which has a Ranger American security system that I don't use. About a month ago the keypad started beeping and after some checking I discovered one of the smoke detectors was not working (hard wired) I replaced it and thought that would do the trick but it did not. Still beeping and I have tried the *2 and bypassing and it will go off for a while but then come back on. I was thinking maybe a battery backup but I don't even know where that would be. So far I have only seen the keypad. Thanks for any help.

Hello Tom, and thanks for writing.

It's hard to give concrete advice since I can't identify the control for your system; Ranger American is an alarm company that has equipment supplied by various manufacturers, and "private labeled" with the Ranger American brand for their use. So you could have either DSC, Ademco, or Caddx equipment. I'm leaning toward DSC, because the *2 is how one determines a system trouble. But if you could take a photo of the keypad and send it me, I could identify what you have.

If it is DSC equipment, if you press *2 and the zone one LED illuminates, then you do in fact have a bad backup battery. By the way, pressing the * key silences the trouble beep temporarily, and this sounds like what's happening.

Now, the backup battery will be in a separate metal container, usually beige, and bigger than a telephone book. It'll be tucked away in a closet or basement reasonably near to the keypad.

If, as you mentioned, you don't use the system, and want to simply shut it down, you can do that by opening the cabinet, and disconnecting both the AC power (typically 16.5 volts) and unplugging the battery. For the AC power, this is supplied by a plug-in transformer (about the size of two cigarette packs). It'll likely be in a wall outlet near to the control cabinet. You can simply unplug that, or if you can't locate it, you can check the wiring diagram inside the cabinet to see which terminals are for the AC power. You'd just have to disconnect one of the two wires, making sure to not let it touch anything else. Wrap it in electrical tape and you're done.

The keypad should be dark and silent.

You also mentioned that you replaced a smoke detector. While this could be connected to the alarm system, it's unlikely given that you replaced it. So if you got a replacement at Home Depot or the like, you're fine. But if you had to order the smoke detector online based on its make and model number, please let me know that information, because if it is connected to the alarm system, then you'd no longer have protection.

I hope this helps!

Best Regards,


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