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I have an ADT alarm system that is about 15 years old.  We switched from ADT to a private monitoring company that has since gone out of business.  Currently it is not being monitored.  I do not have any kind of manual for it.  I would like to get a programming manual for it so I can reprogram it.  I want to change the password and delete a couple of sensors.  Do you know how I can get a manual?  The control panel says ADT safepro 3000.  I believe it is made by ademco.

I have a general question about the functionality of these wireless sensors.  I have a sensor that is not responding to the tamper switch.  The system does responds to the sensor for the chime function.  The system display says to check that particular sensor.  My Question is:  Are these types of wireless sensors bi-directional or do they transmit only.  BTW I am an engineer so you can tech-speak to me.

I do have a copy of the manual, but I'm not sure how much help that's going to be.  If ADT activated the remote installer lockout (or the "private agency" you transferred the monitoring to did), then the only way to "unlock" the panel is for them to download it.  There are some particular communication protocols with the ADT eqiupment badged equipment that is unique to this panel.  Often finding someone who can monitor the system is a tricky problem.

If one of your wireless sensors is indicating a "Check" then running through the "off" sequence a couple of times should restore it (and the "tamper switch" function). If "check" is still displayed for the particular unit, make sure you've got the cover on properly and that the tamper switch hasn't been broken off (sometimes the little metal spring gets bent so the switch no longer functions).  If you want the manual, email me at: tech at firetechs dot net (all with no spaces) and I'll send it your way via a reply.

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