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Dear Mr. Steve,

I installed a CCTV System, with UPS backup for 4 hours if there is a blackout.

Last time, when the UPS is triggered, it took only 10s for other cameras to recover, but there were 3 cameras sharing the same switch took 01 hour to be back.

Could you please suggest me possible cause of this incident?

Kind regards,
Thu Ha

Dear Mr. Thu,

I need a little more information so I can try and determine what is happening. Can you please follow up with answers to the following questions -

1. What brand and model number of CCTV system is it? It is an IP type system, right?

2. What brand and model number UPS are you using? Is the UPS in-line?

3. When power failed last time, did the system show video loss, then the UPS kicked in, and all of the cameras except for 3 on the same switch came back, and then 1 hour later, they started working again?

4. What type of switch are the 3 cameras with the delay terminated into? Is it the same brand and model as the switches that the other cameras are terminated into?

Let me know the answers and I will see if I can tell you what is happening and if there is a fix.

Take care,

Steve Burman

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