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I am using a New never activated UPLINK 2550 GSM communicator, I called Uplink and they pinged the unit which was giving a very good signal, The DSC PC1550 alarm panel is a hard wired panel no tel jacks and the tel line from the panel goes directly to the tel panel in house, I took the tel line off the DSC alarm panel and connected the blue&white wire and the blue wire from the UPLINK communicator cat 5 cable to the tip and ring on the DSC alarm panel, I set the alarm and set it off by opening a door, alarm sounded and I let sounded for about a minute or so, monitoring office said they did not receive any signal? that's also the time I noticed that all the home phones were not working, I disconnected the UPLINK and reinstalled the tel line and home phones are working again, this I know is that the UPLINK communicator is now bad! I know this as I have another New one as a back up, the UPLINK communicator is powered from the DSC Panels 7AH battery. Also when I looked at the Tel companies panel there were two green contact pins and two red contact pins, when the tel line is connected to the DSC panel I have my 48V dc if I remove the tel wire from the DSC panel there is no voltage at tel panel.I hope this sheds some light on my situation. Thank You in advance for your reply.

Hello William, and thanks for writing again.

From your messages, your troubleshooting with your spare unit and with the Uplink folks indicates that the unit is bad. Is there not a return policy with the manufacturer? There's nothing in that regard that I can help you with.

If there were one thing I'd suggest, it would be to look at how you're powering the Uplink unit. The Uplink manual calls for a separate transformer and battery for the Uplink unit. Powering it from the DSC panel's battery is something I would not do. A good rule of thumb when troubleshooting equipment issues is to ensure that the equipment is properly powered. Now, I can't say whether your Jerry-rig is an issue without putting a meter on the system. I can say, though, that the current the Uplink draws in alarm condition is more that the DSC panel is designed to deliver via auxiliary power.

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