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Hi, thanks so much for your time. I stupidly pulled all wires from the circuit board in our alarm box in an effort to turn the alarm off (the backup battery had died and the power went out so when it came back on the alarm went off and I don't have the master code) after doing this I realized how stupid it was (at least I flipped the breaker to the alarm power first!) and researched how to fix the situation. I understand the basic diagram but with so many wires I'm not sure which go where and don't want to damage it by trying to rewire it. I found the transformer and unplugged it but until I can get someone who knows where they go to put the wires back, is unplugging the transformer enough or should I wrap all the wires with tape just in case?

Hello Susan, and thanks for your question.

With the AC transformer unplugged from its outlet, the only other power source is the backup battery. With no wires connected to the control, that's effectively isolated.

So, there's no danger of any short circuits, and no need wrap wires in electrical tape.

The one exception would be the telephone lines (if your system was monitored by an alarm center). If you have a land-line phone, and it's working, then there's nothing to worry about.

Any competent technician with a meter will be able to figure out which wires go where, so it's not as bad as it may seem.

I hope this helps!

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