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QUESTION: I have a DSC Power 832 Main Control Panel with 1 zone expander Panel(Model PC 5010)with an LCD5501Z keypad.  It works fine except when the weather warms up such that the house temperature rises to the 75 to 80 range. At that time I get false alarms if the system is armed (with no zone trouble on the display) and trouble chirp and light at various times when the system is not armed. I have had that power and phone companies here multiple times and they can't identify any issues. In the past, I was able to get to the panel when the trouble light was on and got a "General System Tamper" code.  Thanks!

ANSWER: Hello Juan and thanks for writing.

The General System Tamper is often associated with the zone expansion module. However, there's probably no correlation between that and the temperature, unless the temperature change is causing the expansion or contraction of a splice or a loose wire-on-terminal connection. It'd be a good idea just to check all of the connections in the panel to ensure that they're tight and secure.

The phone and electric companies would not be part of the solution; for that, you'll need an alarm technician

If you want to try doing this yourself instead, I found some guidance at this link:
I hope this helps!

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I talked to Cox Communication about possible phone issues and they reported that my system has been experiencing "time outs" which could account for the trouble condition since the alarm thinks that someone has cut the phone connection.  It's hard for me to imagine that temperature would cause that to happen but they are sending a technician to check my system.  Based on your response I am now also focused on the zone expansion module although it is such a mass of spaghetti that I am a little hesitant to tackle it myself.  I'll probably need to find a good alarm technician.
Thanks for your help!

ANSWER: Thanks for the update, Juan.

Please let me know what the Cox technician finds.

I really don't suspect a phone line issue, because that's reported as a different trouble with DSC panels.


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QUESTION: I promise that I am not crazy.....The alarm has taken on a new behavior!  Every day after 3:00 PM (time varies but always between 3:00 and 4:00 PM), the "Trouble" light will come on and I get a beep.  Usually before 11:00 PM we will get a couple of more beeps (with trouble light). I've been told that ADT does testing daily but I don't know why is would affect me since I'm not currently being monitored.  Does this situation sound familiar to you?


No Juan, it does not.

In general, when we have events that occur at regular times, we look at what's happening in the environment at those times.

Did you ever have an alarm technician examine the system and the zone expansion module?

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