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I have a Norton smoke detector wired into the electrical circuit. The little red light is on, so I believe it is getting power. But I get no sound when I press and hold the test button.

Any explanation as to what may not be rioght with this unit (I also have a second such device and there is an alarm sound when I test that unit).

I have not seen Norton smoke detectors on sale at big box stores (Rona, Home Depot, or Lowes). I can replace the old detectors with any or only a specific smoke detector?

Please advise.



Norton detectors have not been manufactured for some time.  The units you have in your home are well over ten (10) years old and should be replaced regardless.  There are a number of choices available to you from two of the major players in the Canadian market.  BRK and Kidde.  I would recommend the Kidde products over BRK, just from personal experience in dealing with quality control issues with the BRK line.  If your home has fuel burning appliances, I would suggest the Kidde combination photo-electric smoke and Carbon Monoxide detector.  You will have to change the wiring harnesses on each interconnected unit.  You will first have to remove ALL of the Norton products because they are incompatible with Kidde units.  The Kidde units also have a battery backup so you'll have fully functional detectors even if you have a power failure (something the Norton units don't provide).  The Kidde smokes come with detailed installation instructions and are simple to change out.  If you're uncomfortable working with 110VAC, then the easiest thing to do is have someone observe the detector as you flip through the circuit breakers in your house one at a time.  When the red light turns "off", that's the breaker that powers the unit.  You'll see three wires behind each detector.  A black, white, and red wire.  The black and white go to the black and white on the new harness.  The yellow wire is your "interconnect" and that goes to the red wire.  If you have any questions or require additional assistance I provide toll free telephone support at 1 888 340 3473.

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