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QUESTION: Hi, I have an old ADT Safewatch Pro 2000 Ademco. I think it is a Vista SE, but not sure. Long story short: the service was terminated along time ago and there is no phone line connection.

I got a new battery and the system indicates AC and ready, but will not arm or chime.

The fuse is good.

The keypad beeps after the user code is entered, so I assume it recognizes the code.

6321 8 00 seems to be the programming code.

I attempted *41* *42 *43* *44* *94* to clear the phone data, and *94* (exit programming)

I'm not sure what else could be the issue; any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!

ANSWER: *94 takes you to the next level of programming.  *99 exits programming.  Don't press *98 because that will lock the board.  All Ademco panels use the same protocols.

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QUESTION: Ok, thank you! So what might be the problem with my system? I'm not sure what to do with programming protocols or *94 because I don't know what the issue is. I also fear I may have messed up something troubleshooting programming codes. If I could just get the system to chime, I would be happy. The batteries on the door sensors are good and the board flashes when doors open or close (if that helps).

ANSWER: ADT may have shut down your system, an option in remote downloading that I've rarely seen used by anyone (except ADT).  They use it when the system is leased and you stop paying.  What kind of keypads do you have?  When you enter the programming code, what shows up on the keypad display?

Call me at 1-888-340-3473.

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QUESTION: I am unable to call at the moment.

d1 (system busy code) and check and chime along with the red illumination for 'armed' shows up when I enter programming mode.

The keypad says Safewatch Pro 2000. It's a small square with the number pad and a column of shortcut keys on the left.

If it helps, I cut the phone connection when I did some construction work. I figured it didn't need it or I could program around it. The hardware seems perfectly fine. This issue happened before I cut the line- hence why I didn't feel guilty about it.

Thanks again for your time! I will rate generously.

The problem with the Safewatch system is that you need a different keypad for programming.  It's extremely difficult to program the system without the "full alpha" keypad.  If you really want to retain your system and you own it (it's not leased from ADT), then I would suggest purchasing a keypad from one of the online stores.  The model number you're going to need is an Ademco 6160.  You could go with the 6160V (Alpha/voice), but programming the various fields will be much easier either way as they'll be visually displayed as you go through the process.  Good luck!

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