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Whar immediate steps should I take to get this leaking head repaired? Should I turn-off water to whole house?

Mr. Parker~

I was just alerted to your letter and I'm sure you probably have this under control already.

Turning off the water is one option, but of course if you haven't already called, please call your fire sprinkler contractor (most have 24 hr emergency service). If the leak seems that bad that you fear significant damage to flooring, etc, you need to be the judge there.

As you may be aware, turning off the water causes two issues; loss of domestic plumbing and a potential for temporary relocation and loss of your automatic fire protection.

But again, if you know it is just one fire sprinkler, the contractor should have a quick fix for you. Some residential fire sprinkler contractors can be found at primarily and also at

I hope this helps and feel free to contact me/us with further questions.

Dominick Kasmauskas CFPS

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