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Hello Dave,
We communicated a couple of months ago but I'm still in a quandary. I have a DSC Power 832 Main Control Panel with 1 zone expander Panel(Model PC 5010)with two LCD5501Z keypads. As soon a summer arrived, the false alarms (when system is armed) and Trouble chirps (when not armed) started. The hotter it is, the more the activity. I have changed out the 12 year old smoke/temp detector. Hoping for a miracle and since I am not being monitored, I have reprogrammed the system to disable the Telephone Line Monitor (TLM) and Communicator dialing. The Trouble chirps are so quick that I cannot get any info on "Trouble Conditions" (either real time or in memory). Would more advanced keypads help with this? The only help I can get from alarm technicians is "replace the panel". At this point, I would certainly consider this if I was SURE it would correct the problem. Do you have any recommendations? Thanks in advance for any ideas you can offer.

Hello again, Juan.

The question is whether your control equipment is being affected by the heat, or whether the heat is affecting some part of the field wiring.

The only way to know for sure is to "bench test" the control. Ideally, that would mean taking the panel down, putting on a workbench, and connecting dummy zone wiring, keypad, and power (so there's no external stimuli).

That's pretty impractical, but you can achieve the same effect with the panel in place. Label and remove all the zone wiring, and replace with end-of-line resistors for each zone. Disconnect the siren wiring.

All you should have left is the control, AC power, and the keypads.

If you still have alarms/troubles, then disconnect ONE of the keypads. If you still have trouble, disconnect the other keypad and reconnect the first.

If you still have the troubles, it's time for a new control.

But if you STOP having troubles, then reconnect the zone protection one at a time (and waiting to see if you get more alarms/troubles) so you can tell which zone is causing the problem.

It's a long, slow process, but it works.

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