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I have a Napco 1016 LKDL.  I received a call from central monitoring that they received a low battery indicator.  Indeed, the panel (MA1000) started flashing a 2 and all lights.  I replaced the battery with a similar one and held the 9 until the keypad reset.  However, after a few minutes, I get the same flashing 2 and lights no matter how many times I reset it.

I put a meter on the new battery and I'm getting 13V.

Any ideas what might be wrong?


Give the system a few hours to stabilize.  The low battery should disappear.  You can speed the process up by killing power to the unit entirely.  Unplug the battery first.  Then the wall-wart transformer powering the system.  Wait for sixty seconds, plug the wall-wart back in, then reconnect the battery.  You must follow the proper sequence or you risk damaging the board.  You may have to reset the system clock.

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