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There are 3 wires black white and red the red is not connected , is that correct ? Please advise thanks

Application Engineering
Application Engineerin  
The red wire is called a common smart interconnect..  So if this is a stand alone smoke alarm, than yes to your question that the red wire is not to be used.
If you have a 6045 carbon monoxide Alarm (your main alarm) and  your smoke alarm,  a heat alarm and a smoke co/combo alarm, the red wire is used to connect all four alarms together just like a network in series of each other.
Does this help with your answer.  It is one thing to give an answer of yes...but it is another thing entirely different when you are left with no questions at all. specialty is surge suppression, power quality, and lightning protection for life safety systems and your smoke alarm, does not really fall into my category. However as a BSEET, engineer, I looked up the schematics which told me everything about your alarm from an Application Engineering point of view.

So, in the event that your other toys like computers or wide screen TV have issues with power or lightning I can help you solve those issues too.  Have an awesome day.  

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