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Hello Mr. Steve,

I'm doing a project with 40 Time & Attendance Readers scattering over an area of 10 ha, handling 4000 users. The farrest ones are ~400 m away from the Headquarter.

The standard software can handle 40 readers. My question:

- Can a normal PC handle all the readers smoothly, or it must have a SERVER inbetween the readers & the  User's PC?

The logging data doesn't have to be uploaded to the software simultaneously, but pẻiodically and in turns.
Many thanks!


Can you follow up with the manufacturer and model number of the T&A system you are using? The reason I ask is because various types of equipment have different capabilities. I would guess that if the software is rated to handle 40 T&A readers, it will work just fine with a standard PC connected to the network, but I can make sure with a bit of research into your specific system.


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