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Dear Frank

Can there be design & construction challenges of installing traffic signals in Tunnels?.


Hi Prashant:

First of all, I have no experience installing traffic signals.  But, from what I've seen in my own country, there are significant challenges both from the perspective of the physical installation as well as the coordination (if the tunnel is in active use).  On the physical side, you have to consider potential environmental issues and protection of conductors (not just from the elements, but from rodents and birds).  Protection of the workers is a major challenge.  If we're talking vehicular traffic tunnels, you have to give users plenty of advance warning and block the lanes of traffic well in advance.  You're going to be dealing with members of the public that could be aggressive and abusive, so the people you have positioned to perform traffic control have to have a pretty good handle on things.

Anchoring of cable trays, signals, and related equipment will have to be extremely robust (exceed what many would consider a "normal" installation) because you may encounter vibration phenomena that is out of the ordinary.  Protection of signal monitoring and control equipment will also have to be fairly robust and include security measures to inform you of tampering and vandalism.  I would suggest employing cameras with a motion activated alarm in these areas.

I'm sure there's more to consider, but these represent my immediate thoughts on the subject.

Have a great day!

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