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QUESTION: I have a owl security camera system. A setting was changed and now the horizontal picture is constantly rolling. In order to repair this I need to find a device that has a horizontal control knob like old TV's had, BUT old TV's don't have a plug to attach a video camera. How can I fix a rolling picture?

ANSWER: Hello Walt, and thanks for writing.

Without knowing model numbers, I can't access the manuals, I can't hazard a guess as to whether you need a new monitor or if the situation is correctable. My first inclination would be to put the setting that was changed back to what it was and work from there, because at this point, we can't tell whether it's a camera problem or a monitor problem.

You could also try contacting tech support for Owl at 1-866-390-1303. Be sure to have all the model numbers of your equipment.

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QUESTION: The video mode was changed from NTSC to PAL, This is what is causing the horizontal setting to roll. The model number of the OWL system is NONB-4DVR500. The reason I cant change it back to NTSC is because I need to click the mouse on to the menu on the TV screen to change the settings and since the picture is rolling horizontally it is impossible to click on the screen, Before I do anything I need to stop the picture from rolling.Thanks for your help

Thanks for the update Walt. I see the issue you're having.

I wasn't able to locate a manual for that particular product, but I think the best solution is to see if you can cause the system to default to its original, factory-shipped configuration. So have a look at the equipment, and see if there's any kind of reset option. This would typically be a small recessed button that you'd have to push with the tip of a ball point pen.

Lacking that, if your system is Internet based, it may be possible to "flash" the BIOS (I did see there was such a program to upgrade the firmware on a different Owl product). Doing this would likely cause the setting to be the North American NTSC Standard.

Perhaps the folks at tech support can give you insight into that.

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