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Mr. Burman,

I have two access control/electronic lock related problems that I'm hoping to solve, and I hope you can help me with that.

1. I have several steel gates that are opened (and remain open) only on certain days for a certain amount of time, and closed on other days/times. I need a method to monitor the time when the gates are opened and when they are closed. So it's not really an alarm, but more like a monitor and a log. And I also would like to be notified when the gates are opened and closed, either by text messages, call, or an app notification. If I can be notified if any of those gates are still open when it's past closing time, that's even better.

2. I'm also planning to install electronic locks on those gates, and I would like to be able to lock and unlock them remotely when I'm not on site, either with sms, call, or an app.

Now, can you recommend me several brands/types of ACS that can do what I need? Preferably ones that don't malfunction easily. I'm not located in the States, so getting service from the manufacturer is a no go. I can set up older-models access control systems (and I have done so several times in the past) myself, so installation and light troubleshooting shouldn't be a problem, but I've never taken apart a panel to fix it.

And another thing: would you recommend a wired system or a wireless system?

Thanks much.



#1 - Yes, we can design something which will do as you wish. Typically, in the States, I would install a burglar alarm, and have it monitored by a central station. But you wish the system to communicate directly with you via SMS text, correct? OK, give me a few days to figure something out. And the system will be able to track and notify you of just about any parameter you could imagine, gates left open, gates open outside of regular hours, etc.

#2 - You need a device such as this -
In fact, studying the documentation, it looks as if it will fulfill most of your needs. I will look into it further and let you know what I think.

Other companies to look at are Viking and Linear. They both make good gate-centric systems such as you seek.

As far as wireless versus hardwired, I will always go with a hardwired connection if possible.

I hope this helps, please feel free to follow up if I can provide any further assistance.

Steve Burman

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