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Dear John

Do you feel by Fixing Wireless CCTV cameras in Skywalks and controlled through Police Stations can enhance security?


something to think about
something to think abo  
I wish I had more to say, but any kind of CCTV camera, mounted on any surface and controlled and monitored by the police is very very very secure. However, a question like this, questions if you understand that the most important tool for CCTV equipment in your country is the battery backup and surge suppression plus a power monitor for the equipment.  So the commodity can not function with out good and proper power.

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Power Quality and Lightning protection for Burgs, Fire, CCTV, and Gate access systems. I also want to hear about Back up Generator issues effecting your electronic equipment. I know all 24 manufactures of fire alarm panels. If you ask me I will tell you who I think is the best, and who is the worst. A lot has changed in 30 years, and many consumers have no idea what they are buying, and what they should expect for reliability for their systems. The question is, why are you paying for so many repairs? In the South, re-occurring revenue is extremely important. Do you fall in that category?


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